Combat 102

Combat 102

Walking vs. Running

  • If you exceed your Walk Rate in a Combat Turn (and bear in mind, that means cumulatively over all the Initiative Passes comprising a Combat Turn), you are considered running for the rest of the Combat Turn.
    • Once you’re running, you must spend a Free Action on it each Initiative Pass until the end of the Combat Turn (even if you’re not moving that Initiative Pass).
      • …but bear in mind you can take another Free Action in lieu of the one Complex Action or two Simple Actions you get during your Action Phase.


  • If you need to surpass your Run Rate in a Combat Turn, then you can Sprint, which will take a Complex Action.
  • You’ll roll Running + Strength [Physical].
    • +1 m/hit for Dwarves and Trolls
    • +2 m/hit for Elves, Humans & Orks

NOTE: Yes, this means your Running skill has nothing to do with actual in-game “Running” and everything to do with Sprinting.

Quick Draw

  • Quick Draw only applies to Pistols, pistol-sized weapons (e.g., Tasers) and small Throwing Weapons.
  • You will draw the weapon from a holster and immediately fire it, all in one Simple Action.
  • You’ll roll (Weapon Skill) + Reaction [Physical] (3).
    • Threshold is 2 if the weapon is in a Quick Draw Holster

Take Aim

  • For use with a readied firearm, bow or throwing weapon
  • Simple Action that lets you add +1 to either your dice pool for the subsequent attack or the weapon’s Accuracy
    • Limit for this bonus is your character’s Willpower ÷ 2 (round up).

Interrupt Actions

  • These actions can be taken out of turn. Provided you can cover the cost (which is paid with your current Initiative Score), they can be made at any time unless
    • …The opponent whose Attack you are attempting to Interrupt has already made the Roll for that Attack.
    • …You are Surprised (in which case you cannot make an Interrupt Action prior to your first Action Phase).
  • Note that while the standard Defense Roll (Reaction + Intuition) is comprised of Attributes and no Skills (and therefore has no Limit), Block, Dodge and Parry add a specific Skill’s dice to the Defense Roll, therefore inflicting a Limit ([Physical]) to it.
    • So verify that you’re leveled highly enough in that skill—or that you even have it—to make the introduction of a Limit worthwhile.
  • Ranged Attacks can only be Interrupt-Defended with Full Defense, as you are not fragging Neo.
Interrupt Action Init. Cost Type Used Against Roll Duration
Block -5 Defense Incoming Mêlée Attacks Reaction + Intuition + Unarmed Combat [Physical] 1 Action
Dodge -5 Defense Incoming Mêlée Attacks Reaction + Intuition + Gymnastics [Physical] 1 Action
Hit the Dirt -5 Defense Suppressive Fire N/A (Automatic) You remain Prone until you Stand Up (Simple Action)
Intercept -5 Offense Opponent either passing through your Mêlée Range (Reach +1) or fleeing Mêlée Combat with you Normal Mêlée Attack Roll 1 Action (If target takes damage equal to his Body, he can’t move until his next Free Action)
Parry -5 Defense Incoming Mêlée Attacks Reaction + Intuition + (Ready Mêlée Weapon Skill) [Physical] 1 Action
Full Defense -10 Defense Any Incoming Attack Reaction + Intuition + Willpower Until Current Combat Turn’s End

Elemental Damage

  • Acid
    • Physical
    • In addition to its normal damage, it permanently reduces its target’s armor by 1.
    • If you don’t wash it off (or it doesn’t dissipate into mana as part of a spell’s stipulations) by the next Combat Turn, its DV decreases by 1 and you take damage again (including another permanent reduction of 1 against your armor).
  • Cold
    • Physical
    • If you get hit by Cold Damage, make a simple Armor Test. If you get no hits, your armor just shattered. (But unless you Glitched, you can repair it.)
  • Electricity
    • Physical or Stun
    • If you get injured by Electricity Damage:
      • -1 penalty to all Actions and Defense Tests (but not Damage Resistance Tests) for a Combat Turn.
      • -5 penalty to your Initiative Score.
      • The penalties’ severity to not accumulate with successive attacks, but the duration is increased by 1 Combat Turn each time.
  • Fire
    • Physical
    • To determine if something catches fire, roll Armor Value + Fire Resistance – Fire AP, with the threshold of the fire attack’s net hits.
      • Fire AP:
        • Open Flame: -2
        • Spell: -(Force)
        • Fire Weapon: -6
    • If something is on fire, the fire inflicts a Damage Value of 3 at the end of the Combat Turn and the DV increases by 1 at the beginning of the next until it is extinguished.
    • To put the fire out, make an Agility + Intuition Test, each hit decreases the fire’s DV by 1.


If you’re using a shotgun with shot or flechette rounds (shot rounds behave statistically identically to flechette), you can get different results with the various chokes on your gun. Different chokes can enable you to target multiple targets within the maximum spread. Changing your gun’s choke requires a Simple Action (or, if you have a Smartgun and a Smarklink, a Free Action).

NOTE: You can’t make a Called Shot with a Medium or Wide Spread choke.

Narrow Spread Choke

Range DV Modifier Accuracy Modifier Target’s Dice Pool Modifier Number of Targets Maximum Spread
All -1 1

Medium Spread Choke

Range DV Modifier Accuracy Modifier Target’s Dice Pool Modifier Number of Targets Maximum Spread
Short (0-15 m) -1 DV -3 2 2m
Medium (16-30 m) -3 DV -3 3 4m
Long (31-45 m) -5 DV -1 -3 4 6m
Extreme (46-60 m) -7 DV -1 -3 6 8m

Wide Spread Choke

Range DV Modifier Accuracy Modifier Target’s Dice Pool Modifier Number of Targets Maximum Spread
Short (0-15 m) -3 DV -5 2 3m
Medium (16-30 m) -5 DV -5 3 6m
Long (31-45 m) -7 DV -1 -5 4 9m
Extreme (46-60 m) -9 DV -1 -5 6 12m

Mêlée Teamwork

While you get a +1 bonus for mêlée attacks made when you have teammates locked in mêlée combat with the same opponent you are, you can choose to directly aid your teammate instead. You make an opposed roll of Combat Skill + Agility [Accuracy], and pass the net hits on to the next teammate to attack that opponent. (After three Teamwork Attacks, a standard attack must be made.)

A Teamwork Attack is a Complex Action.


  • If you take damage—Stun or Physical—greater than your Physical Limit, you get bowled over. You’re considered Prone until you Stand Up (Simple Action).
  • Gel rounds reduce the target’s Physical Limit by 2 when (and solely for the purpose of) calculating Knockdown.

Firing Modes

Mode Action Type Defense Modifier Rounds Used Recoil?
Single Shot (SS) Simple 0 1 No
Semi-Automatic (SA) Simple 0 1 Yes
Semi-Automatic Burst (SB) Complex -2 3 Yes
Burst Fire (BF) Simple -2 3 Yes
Long Burst (BF) Complex -5 6 Yes
Full Auto (FA) Simple -5 6 Yes
Full Auto (FA) Complex -9 10 Yes
Suppressive Fire Complex 20 No

Combat 102

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